Over the years I’ve photographed people, places, and things. It started off as doing self portraits when I was feeling ‘inspired’ and since then it has branched out.  My ‘artistic’ influences are mostly from  video games such as Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil (and many more), comics, and sculptors to name a few. To sum it up it comes from a range of artists, it’s definitely not limited to photography and modelling.

I don’t like to label myself as a photographer as I have much to learn in that field. I’m always pushing boundaries, experimenting, and learning from others. I’m also always looking for fresh faces to make some killer images. Here are a few images of my work (you’ll notice a few pictures of me and to clarify yes I took them):

Deviously Divine Photography

I’m also experimenting with video. Here are a few videos that I’ve shot and edited. Again, if you see me in the video I shot that, too.

Behind the Scenes 18+ Contains Nudity from Amiria Divine on Vimeo.


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