Never seem to have time…

These days I find myself doing so much that I completely forget to do simple updates on profiles. Thank you all for being so patient and sticking around 🙂

I’ve been mostly spring cleaning my entire house and my life, haha. I’ve been brainstorming projects and have many in the works at the moment. I plan to do more travels and Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and possibly Utah are definitely in my travel plans for this summer. Other than working my ass off there isn’t much to update to be honest but I haven’t forgotten the images so here goes!

A little bit of no makeup. There ain’t no shame in blemishes!


Some of the make up that I use that sadly isn’t too awesome to use.


Some of the sights on my way to the train from work



A little peek at my small but ever growing wardrobe


Some behind the scenes from one of my shoots


Prior to shooting I like to dress up my mannequin to see what the shoot will look like. For those of you that don’t know I do my own lighting, styling, makeup and 98% of the time, shoot it all myself.


And the end result. Slight color altering but 95% raw 🙂


More to come!

Never seem to have time…

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